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We only use 100% human hair. It is guaranteed to be ethically sourced. You can choose from Indian Remy hair, European hair or Russian hair and as long as you follow our guidelines can be washed, dried, straightened and curled just like your own hair.

By following the expert advice given in your Aftercare Sheet your hair will look and feel silky and beautiful for many months. It is often possible to re-use the hair for a second fitting.


Great Hair Extensions uses four methods of applying hair extensions to the head. Our fully trained and experienced technician will help you decide which is the best for you at your free consultation.


Fusion Bonding

This gives an exceptionally versatile result where the hair extensions are attached using high quality, protein glue. No chemicals, no animal cruelty. The amount of hair applied in each individual section is decided by the technician. This means you can have lots of volume where needed or several tiny bonds in areas where they may otherwise show through your own hair. The glue is heated in a glue pot giving the most reliable attachment method in use. Loss of bonds is minimal or even none.


Pre-bonded extensions are attached using tiny circular clips.  These are the best micro-rings available and are silicone lined to provide a gentle but secure attachment. No heat is used in this application and removal is quick and easy needing no chemicals.

Gives a light, free flowing feel and extensions can be moved back up the hair as growth occurs to help you look good for longer.

With both methods the extensions will feel and move like your own hair and last for up to 4 months with the correct care.


Prebonded with keratin glue. Used where micro-rings may not be suitable but where there are no special reasons to use the fusion method.


Beautifully light and easily fitted. Similar to micro rings but using a clear plastic tube to attach the bond to the hair. Very nice to wear but takes extra aftercare to keep them staying in.  Most suitable for short term wear...maybe wedding and honeymoon or just for the summer. Expect them to stay in for 2 months with a top up part way.

Micro Weft - beat the weave!

A perfect look, most natural and even spread of hair, no heat, no glue at all so no need for special shampoos or avoiding conditioner. No bond loss possible. 90 minutes fitting time. This fitting gives all the advantages of a weave with absolutely none of the disadvantages. The weft hair is attached by silicone lined micro-rings and needs no braiding of your hair so no risk of hair loss. Price includes one full weft of hair to give generous volume. More than one colour can be used to give a perfect match or for a highlighted look.

And better still top ups …recommended monthly…are inexpensive and can be repeated month after month until the hair quality reduces and needs replacement. If you take care of your extensions well you can keep the same fitting up to a year.

All our technicians are fully Habia trained
and insured by Salon Gold.



After 6 - 8 weeks we recommend a top up session to replace any lost or untidy bonds. This will extend your fitting and keep your hair looking good for longer.



We pride ourselves on careful and correct removal procedures. This is essential to safeguard your hair and prevent damage or breakage.