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Stage Three - Final Assessment


Final assessment is also done online. You will have had time to study your manual and with the skills and knowledge already gained will have no trouble passing this. You will then receive your Habia certificate and be ready to practise professionally and to take out insurance cover for your new business.






Deposit secures your place - full payment not due until the day of training


One to One Intensive Training Course


Great Hair Extensions training is provided in a unique 4 stage format. This gives you the most information in the least stressful manner, allowing you to become competent quickly and easily. Those with the most skill and the most knowledge will provide the best service.

And clients flock to a good service!


Stage One - Theory


This is where you learn the theory of hair extension fitting. All done online, this tuition and assessment module gets you well ahead long before you are in front of your trainer. You will feel confident and equipped to start the next stage once you’ve passed this module.

Stage Two - Practical Day


The practical day is a comprehensive session and at all times you are closely supervised and supported by your own dedicated trainer. There is no chance for you to make serious or embarrassing mistakes as she will be standing by to advise and teach throughout the whole day. Whichever method/s you have chosen you will learn all aspects of correct and safe fitting. Also cutting and blending is carefully taught so you can send your client out looking good right away, no need to send her off to a hairdresser for finishing as some extensionists have to do.

You can ask questions throughout and revisit any aspect of the training you are unsure about.


Stage Four - Business Support


All of our training is intended to take trainees of all levels even those with no previous hair experience right through to being competent by the end of the session. Following on from these sessions you will receive unlimited phone support for the duration of your involvement in this industry. No matter how long it is since you trained a trainer is available to answer any queries or help you solve any challenges that may arise. Our aim is to support you in becoming excellent at your craft.

At this stage you may wish to purchase an additional business building package. Details are available on application and prices start at £10 per month.


No other training company offers this level of business support

This additional service can put you ahead of the competition in your area